Dirty Dogz is an affordable and reliable one-on-one Newcastle and Lake Macquarie dog groomer.
My name is Jacqui Wilkinson, owner-operator of Dirty Dogz. My professional expertise is in breed-specific clipping and all the finer aspects of grooming dogs of any breed.
You can expect nothing but the very best dog grooming service at Dirty Dogz. Trained by the best - renowned international master groomer Christine Speerin - my studies were completed at the Nash Academy, USA. I'm also a proud member of Pets Australia.
Dog grooming

Personalised Dog Grooming & Washing

Your pooch's appointment at Dirty Dogz is an appointment for one-on-one pampering.
At Dirty Dogz your dog will enjoy:
  • No waiting
  • No cages
  • No stressing because of other dogs
  • My immediate undivided attention upon arrival.
Your dog's grooming and washing won't wait for any other dog's grooming session to finish.
One-on-one grooming is top-priority for me as a certified dog groomer. It means attention to detail. All dogs respond well to individual attention. And it contributes to a caring, relaxed environment.
Be assured of this: your dog will enjoy being treated like royalty while they are groomed at Dirty Dogz.
Dog breeds

Breed Specific Clips

Appointments begin with a friendly consultation to make sure clipping is exactly what is needed, and after spending a day in my stress free environment, your dog will leave looking their best with their individual features highlighted.
At Dirty Dogz, each and every dog receives my personal attention. I'm experienced in clipping dogs of all sizes and breeds. I specialise in breed specific clips, catering for Schnauzers, bichons, Poodles, Cocker Spaniels and Springers.
Please enquire for any other breed specific clips.